SAT Math

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The SAT Math test is the most challenging and difficult standardized test students can take to get into the college of their choice. We believe that we have the tools for our students to achieve outstanding scores on the test. We have current information that will inform the student of what one must learn. The SAT Math test is now available in a new exam form as well as the old exam format. Both are acceptable through 2017.

The new test has calculator allowed and calculator prohibited sections and a much greater emphasis on algebra and practical problem solving. It also has more math topics. The scoring and the timing are different. We can explain these differences to a student more clearly when he or she talks to one of our tutors.

The competition to get into the best colleges and universities is high, but with our help students follow a well designed individualized plan to reach their desired goal quickly. We understand that every student has a unique way of learning and this is why we develop a customized preparation plan to prepare each student with a powerful strategy for all sections of the test.

We motivate and inspire students to understand how questions are asked on the test, the strategies that are required to solve them, and how to find answers that are correct the first time with confidence. It is our goal to remove stress from this test for the student.

Through one-on-one instruction, students will learn how they can make the most of their time, and answer the questions with a deeper understanding of how the test is constructed.

Our tutors will move through content areas at a pace that is appropriate for each student. Also, we will work with each student in the comfort of his or her home, meeting at times that suit their schedule.

Our expert tutors have helped many students in the San Antonio area achieve significant increases in their SAT Math scores.

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