San Antonio Writing Tutor

San Antonio Writing Tutor

San Antonio Writing TutorA strong writing ability is a powerful tool in any student’s professional and academic career, not to mention in countless other creative endeavors and projects.

Few skills open up more opportunities than the ability to write well. Becoming a good writer can take years of practice and development.

Here at Hedger Tutoring our goal is to bring out the best in every student’s ability to write and express themselves with clarity and accuracy.

We offer writing tutoring in the follow areas:

– Introductory elementary writing skills
– Conveying intended meaning through good and effective writing
– Correct sentence construction
– Easier understanding of rules for grammar and English usage
– – Parts of speech
– Different writing styles, essay types, and prose formats
– – Using literary devices
– Organizing information for writing
– – Brainstorming relevant information
– – Outlining
– – Sorting and prioritizing points for an essay
– Making written text more colorful and descriptive
– Draft-writing
– Proofreading like a teacher
– Finalizing essays
– Writing exercises as needed

Our tutors understand that a student’s ability to organize thoughts and ideas in writing is directly related to that student’s ability in reading comprehension. From helping students read at grade level to teaching them how to analyze poetry, we have strategies that work.

Here at Hedger Tutoring our writing tutors are experienced certified tutors who can help students with both creative as well as expository essay writing.

We will teach students the writing process, from generating and organizing ideas, to writing the first draft, to revising and editing the final copy.

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Our goal is to improve and enhance the education of each individual by providing one-on-one tutoring by certified teachers and subject matter experts.

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