San Antonio Reading Tutor

San Antonio Reading Tutor

San Antonio Reading TutoringStrong reading skills are crucial in the course of any student’s education. Reading opens the door to knowledge and will impact a child’s entire educational life.

Nearly all subjects in school require reading and the stronger a student’s reading comprehension, the better they will perform in every other school subject.

We offer reading tutoring in the follow areas:

– Introductory elementary reading skills
– Techniques for increasing vocabulary
– Reading comprehension
– – Reading for “most important” content
– – Reading to find best answers to assigned questions
– – Identifying main points and themes in text
– Taking notes while reading and how to annotate text
– Reading skills applied to improve writing ability

How do I know my child needs a reading tutor?

Has your child been reading the same lines over and over but not comprehending the words? Does your child have trouble reading books in their grade level?

If you answered yes to these questions your child can benefit from a reading tutor.

If your child is just reaching a point where he or she is beginning to struggle, now is the time to take action.

Here at Hedger Tutoring our tutors are experienced in helping children develop the reading and writing skills they need to catch up and excel.

During reading tutoring, the student is taught strategies such as visualization, using context clues, and scanning for information. As a student’s ability and confidence grows, so do the lengths of the passages and the complexity of the reading material.

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Your child will learn reading, writing, comprehension, grammar and composition with our reading program. Our goal is to help every student develop a lifelong love of reading.

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