San Antonio Math Tutoring

San Antonio Math Tutoring

Math knowledge is a pyramid that is only as strong as its foundation. Our private tutors can help a student construct a firm foundation and eliminate barriers to learning math and transform your child into a great math student. Whether it’s earning that A or learning the fundamentals, we have the solution for you.

Students may find math difficult because it requires a deep understanding of the topic rather than rote memorization of the facts. Since most math topics require you to have learned and understood all the fundamentals that lead up to them, students who don’t properly understand a concept may fall behind rapidly.

Unlike courses such as history or English with the majority of concepts taught as independent units, math has a curriculum that is cumulative in nature. This is why it is crucial to get help as soon as your child starts to fall behind. Our elementary math tutors will start with the very basic concepts and lead the student through them to make sure that he or she understands the building blocks before they proceed with the challenges of the next level.

We offer Math Tutoring in:

Elementary Fundamentals


Algebra 1 and 2




SAT Math

Mathematics is a pillar in every young student’s education. Mathematics not only prepares the student for the sciences, but helps all students attain greater clarity and logic in their everyday thinking as well.

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Don’t wait until your child falls further behind; get them the help that they need now. Here at Hedger Tutoring we have the experience and dedication to help your child with their elementary school math.