San Antonio English and Language Arts Tutor

San Antonio English and Language Arts Tutor

San Antonio English and Language Arts TutorOne of the most important subjects to master is Language Arts because a student’s language proficiency often determines their general learning ability.

Here at Hedger Tutoring we help students in all types of language arts areas including phonics, grammar, writing, reading comprehension, handwriting, vocabulary, spelling, and essay preparation.

Our language arts tutors teach students to use the skills they already have, while building the new skills needed to master the language arts course curriculum.

We offer English and language arts tutoring in the follow areas:

– Introductory language arts skills at elementary level
– Proper and effective communication in speech and writing
– Pronunciation
– Spelling
– Vocabulary
– Reading for understanding
– Rules of grammar—more accessible and easier to remember
– Parts of speech
– Effective listening and note-taking
– Organizing information for writing
– Essay-writing skills

How do I know if I need a Language Arts Tutor?

Ask the child to read aloud. Does the child fill in the gaps with new words? Are some words skipped? Are extra words added to try to make the meaning clear? Does your child have trouble spelling simple words? Is their vocabulary limited?

If you are questioning whether a personal tutor is right for your child, the answer is yes.

One-on-one tutoring enables us to identify individual needs and construct an effective plan based on the student’s learning style and abilities.

Our teaching goal is to help students to delight in their own skills and comprehension, and to inspire in them a desire to learn more.

Contact one of our expert San Antonio English and Language Arts tutors today to learn more about our services (210) 263-3035.