San Antonio Pre-Calculus Tutor

Pre-Calculus, as the name suggests, prepares students for success in calculus. Pre-calculus often evokes fear, even panic, in some students. It is frequently seen as difficult and can be the cause of many students to not enjoy math. With the right private, in home tutor, pre-calculus can be an enjoyable subject.

Our tutors understand the material they will be teaching at an intricate level. They have studied higher levels of math; so explaining the concepts in a pre-calculus course are not an issue.

Tutoring in pre-calculus builds skills in:

Real and complex numbers

Sequences and series

Parametric equations

Polar coordinates


Conic sections

Trigonometric functions

Exponential and logarithmic equations


Benefits of a Private Pre-Calculus Tutor

Private tutoring even once per week can have a positive effect on their understanding of key topics, learning new problem solving strategies, and preparing more effectively for tests.

A trained tutor can also look at what the teacher taught during the week, focus on those areas where your student is having the most difficulty, while moving exactly at the right pace for his or her evolving needs.

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