Qualities we seek at Hedger Tutoring in a good tutor.


  1. The most important characteristic of a good tutor is that they be friendly and congenial with his students. The student must feel like he/she can share their problems with him/her without being afraid or hesitant.
  2. A good tutor should have a very good personality; there is no second thought about it. Students always become interested in tutors who are able to communicate effectively and promote understanding. They should have a good, decent, likable, and presentable personality along with being kind.
  3. Another quality of a good tutor is his knowledge and own education. There is a saying that “a teacher is only as good as his knowledge is.” After all, he is doing a tutor’s job, which is a tutor. If he lacks knowledge of the subject he tutors, he is never going to help the students he is trying to help.
  4. One of the very important characteristics of a good tutor is his/her communication skills. The ability to speak well will help convey information better. A good speaker automatically draws attention to what he/she is saying.
  5. A tutor who is a good listener sets himself apart from being a good communicator. A really good teacher is an even better listener. There is a Turkish proverb: “If speaking is silver, then listening is gold.”
  6. A good tutor should also have the quality and characteristic of having a good sense of humor and lightening the atmosphere of the tutoring session so that the tutor and the student can relax.
  7. The most obvious and important of all tutoring qualities we look for at Hedger Tutoring is kindness. A tutor should be gentle, kind, and patient. He should motivate and encourage enthusiasm. Ultimately, students will respect him, will do their homework, and eventually produce impressive results.

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